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About Mike MacDonald

Mike MacDonald, BSc, PgCert, is personal trainer, speaker, and author of the book, Energy Is Everything: Mindset, Nutrition and Exercise for the best version of you.  He is the founder of AKR Fitness in Aberdeen, a semi-private training facility dedicated to helping regular people experience life betterand has presented at industry events including the Scottish Fitness & Nutrition expo, and privately for a number of oil and gas companies in Aberdeen.


As well as with his clients at AKR Fitness, Mike has spent time working within corporate health and fitness, and in professional sport as a nutritional consultant to a Champions League football team.  A former semi-professional athlete himself, Mike played over 200 games during a successful 8-year career with the Scottish Highland League side, Buckie Thistle, before an injury eventually led to his retirement.

While focused on helping others experience life better, Mike is no stranger to chasing his own dreams down.  Back in 2011, having booked a one-way flight to Argentina, he quit his job in Aberdeen’s premier public sports facility to embark on an incredible 7-month backpacking journey throughout Latin America.  It was a journey that culminated in California under the mentorship of fitness industry leader, Todd Durkin.

He continues to enjoy travel, learning, educating and inspiring others, whilst studying from a host of fitness industry leaders himself.


Energy Is Everything

In Energy Is Everything: Mindset, Nutrition & Exercise for the best version of you, Mike blends his own experience, lessons from working with real clients, and the latest scientific research to outline a path to your best self

Mike is inspirational and realistic, illustrating his approach with tales of success and lessons learned when things didn’t go to plan. His book provides an excellent framework of simple strategies that can be applied to your lifestyle to improve your health, your mind-set and your body.”  (Scott Baptie, Director of Food For Fitness, Physique & Sports Nutrition Specialist)

I first met Mike MacDonald at one of my mentorships a few years back. What struck me about him was his positive energy, faith, attitude, and true desire to help people.  In this book Mike does an extraordinary job educating, motivating, and inspiring you to improve your overall health & fitness. This book is a gem that is going to truly help you live your best life. It will undoubtedly improve your health & fitness and “Get your mind right.” (Todd Durkin, MA, CSCS, Owner, Fitness Quest 10, Author, The IMPACT! Body Plan, Lead Training Advisor, Under Armour).