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Energy Is Everything

Energy is everything.  When we have it, life is better.  We’re more productive at work, we’re more elegant in our relationships with those we care about, and we make better use of our leisure time.  It’s a positive ripple effect that allows us to increase the quality of our life: we experience life better.  When we lack energy, we experience the reverse.

This is a book about how to feel better.  How to implement the mindset, nutrition and exercise strategies that help you to experience life better.

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What struck me when I first met Mike was his positive energy, faith, attitude, and true desire to help people. In his book, Mike does an extraordinary job educating, motivating, and inspiring you to improve your overall health & fitness. This book is a gem that is going to truly help you live your best life.

Todd Durkin

Lead Training Advisor, Under Armour

“Mike is inspirational and realistic, illustrating his approach with tales of success and lessons learned when things didn’t go to plan. His book provides an excellent framework of simple strategies that can be applied to your lifestyle to improve your health, your mind-set and your body.”

Scott Baptie

Director, Food For Fitness

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